Off The Slope With Laurie Taylor

by Pete Davies October 24, 2017

A first World Cup start and two results in the World Championships in St Moritz (Slalom 33rd, Giant Slalom 40th) made the 2016/17 winter a season to remember for Laurie Taylor. At the age of 21, Taylor still has plenty of years to strive for his dream of being a regular World Cup skier. The man from Basingstoke will be hoping continue his progress going into an Olympic year.

Wellsnowsports caught up with Taylor before the start of the 17/18 Winter season:


Were you happy with last season as a whole? 

“I was definitely happy with the progress I made last season. I made a big drop in my FIS points and had some amazing experiences with World Champs in St Moritz and my first World Cup in Kranjska Gora.”

How has your summer prep gone?

“I have done a lot of skiing this summer, trying to make changes and drill them in before the races kick off. We have been really lucky with the conditions everywhere we have been, so the training has been great. I am happy with how it is going and I am starting to feel ready to get back into the races.”

Do you have any aims for this season? 

“My main aim for this season is to increase my finish rate, so for that I have been working a lot on my consistency and how I read courses.

“Looking more at the races, I aim to make Europa Cup points and hopefully compete in the Olympics.”


What are your long term goals?

“Long term I am looking to secure a place in the top 30 World Cup rankings and push from there.”

How did you get into ski racing? 

“I got into ski racing through the Aldershot Ski Race Club. After a year racing with Aldershot I started racing on snow with the British Ski Academy (BSA).”


You have been busy with BSA at the GBR series, were you impressed with the racers at grassroots? 

“I was very impressed by what I saw on the dryslopes this summer. I had to watch and learn when I was forerunning to keep up. There were some very talented skiers and I hope to see them on snow.”

Do you think dry slope is still a relevant part of British skiing?

“I had a lot of fun skiing on dryslope this summer and you can see a lot of talent coming through. It gets people into racing that would not have started otherwise and I believe it is transferable to snow.

“It helped me this summer working out how to generate speed on flats and I will probably do some more next summer.”

What World Cup skier do you most admire and why?

“Dave Ryding is probably who I admire the most. I have seen first hand how hard he works. He has shown me if you keep chipping away and working towards the goal you will get there!”

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Pete Davies
Pete Davies


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