Off The Slope With Rob Poth

by Pete Davies November 06, 2017

Rob Poth is an emerging talent in the British alpine ski team and has shown some great performances in the technical disciplines. Last season the 20 year old went to the Junior World Championships in Are, Sweden for the first time. He was unable to finish in the slalom, but finished 55th in the Giant Slalom. Each of these experiences are building to his main goal of reaching the World Cup in future years.

Wellsnowsports caught up with Poth before the full winter season had started:


Last season you raced your first Junior World Champs in Sweden, how was that experience for you? 

“It was pretty exciting competing against the best in the world for my age. Although I did not ski my best I still came away with valuable experience, which I will use for the future. Especially at next years World Junior Champs. 

How was last season for you overall? 

A mixture of ups and downs I would say. My Giant Slalom came along well with consistent results. Slalom however was a little inconsistent with good results coming every now and then. Some of the main highlights were competing in my first World Junior Champs and Europa Cup races. Those races showed me how much work needs to be done to get the next level. 


How was the Norwegian Kandahar camp this summer? 

Probably one of the best summer training camps I have had. The variety of Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G and different terrain meant training was always exciting. Plus, with the Fonna Glacier not being as high as most glaciers, we could get a lot of volume in. 


How has your summer prep been? 

Summer prep has gone very well. I have had a good mixture of time on snow and dry land training. Not only have we spent time on the glacier in Norway, but we have also used indoor centres to get some technical work dialled in. 

Do you have any particular goals moving into the new season? 

As always I am working hard to make changes or improvements to keep chipping away at my FIS points.

One of the main events this season is the World Junior Championships in Davos. I am hoping to achieve a top 20 placing in Slalom.

You wear a Briko helmet, what do you like about the product? 

It fits extremely well for me and has some very cool designs, especially this season’s products!


How did you get into ski racing? 

My Dad is an ex ski racer. On my third birthday my parents took me to Welwyn dry slope for my first ski lesson. I have loved it ever since doing my first dry slope race at the age of four and snow race at five.

What World Cup skier (past or present) do you admire the most?

It has got to be Dave Ryding! From watching him on the dry slope when I was a kid to now being amongst the best slalom skiers in the world, is so awesome to see. 


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Pete Davies
Pete Davies


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