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by Pete Davies October 25, 2016

Athletes are pushing social media more than ever to engage with their fans and promote their sponsors. We live in a world now where we can look behind the scenes that we normally wouldn’t see broadcasted. In snowsports there’s a great variety of athletes who use their social media throughout the year.

Here are a few top picks of snowsport athletes on social media!

Ted Ligety
Ligety is the master of GoPro edits and is prominent on most social media platforms. He’s also not afraid to be outspoken too. He’s raised his concerns on ski regulations and airbag back protectors on Facebook and Twitter before. The American ski racer is certainly one to keep an eye!

(Photo Credit: Redbull Content Pool)

Candide Thovex
If you haven’t seen the freestyler’s ‘One of those days’ YouTube videos then you’re missing out. Check out his Instagram and Facebook for short videos on his latest drops and tricks he’s hit this Winter. The Frenchman is one of the most exciting winter sport stars to follow on social media!

Lindsey Vonn
Whether it’s skiing powder with Lewis Hamilton on Snapchat or hitting the gym on instagram, Vonn has a lot of content uploaded onto her social media. The Briko helmet athlete has been promoting her book ‘Strong is the new beautiful’ recently and will be posting on all her social accounts whilst competing on the Alpine World Cup tour.

(Photo Credit: Redbull Content Pool)

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Jon Olsson
The Swedish entrepreneur has pretty much tried his hand at everything on skis and has a very luxurious lifestyle. He does daily vlogs with the help of his cinematographer Marcus and his girlfriend Jani. Whether he’s chilling in Monaco or driving on a mountain, there’s no limit to what you’ll see on Olsson’s vlog.

Marcel Hirscher
A superstar in his homeland of Austria, the overall World Cup champion likes to keep his fans updated on his latest ski accomplishments. One the best videos involving Hirscher was the visually stunning slalom paint run that he did for Atomic. He also made a lot of headlines when he narrowly escaped being hit by a camera race during a night slalom in Madonna di Campiglio.


Aksel Lund Svindal
The Norwegian powerhouse is most prominent on Instagram (be prepared to feel like a weakling when you see his gym routine) but he also has his own blog which can be found on his personal site.

Laurie Taylor
Taylor is a rising star in the British alpine ski team and is also good at producing his own online content whilst competing around the world. Look out for his cleverly edited YouTube videos on his channel and keep up to date with how he’s getting on by following him on Twitter!

Ski the Kingdom
Wellsnowsports recently interviewed director Jack Thompkins about the freestyle group’s latest feature ‘God Save the Scene’ and you can also see the latest UK freestyle updates on their Tumblr page. Not only that videos and pictures will be dropping regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to wept your grassroots freestyle appetite!


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Pete Davies
Pete Davies


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