The Golden Helmet

by Pete Davies December 13, 2017

The Golden Helmet: Vulcano FIS 6.8 Red Bull Lindsey Vonn Foundation

Leading helmet company Briko, world renowned extreme sports brand Red Bull and the inspiring Lindsey Vonn Foundation have teamed up to present the Briko Vulcano FIS 6.8 RB LVF helmet. Worn by World Cup star Lindsey Vonn, the helmet is deigned to adapt to any challenge and extreme conditions an athlete has to conquer.

The Lindsey Vonn Foundation

Founded by the most successful female World Cup skier ever, the Lindsey Vonn foundation is dedicated to empowering girls and women to overcome any obstacle. By buying the exclusive Briko Vulcano FIS 6.8 RB LVF helmet you will not only have world class protection, but you will also be supporting future women and their dreams.

Vonn is dedicating the entire proceeds from the helmet to the LV Foundation to fund education and scholarship programmes, girls camps, speaker series and partnerships that will make a powerful lasting impact.

Protetto System

Safety standards must be of a high standard when an athlete is competing at top speeds. FIS 6.8 is a certification that shows the helmet can absorb impacts at a speed of 6.8 metres per second. The Vulcano has the Briko Protetto system, a safety shell made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), which is extremely flexible around the area susceptible to most shock.

Fluid Inside System

The Briko Fluid Inside system is an additional protective layer inside made up of a series of pods that absorb shocks. This system is replicating the behaviour of the cerebrospinal fluid in the brain on impacts. Tests have proved that it reduces the power of rotational and linear impacts by up to 39%.


Simple shapes and a unique, cutting-edge design. The ventilation system has lateral vents and channels inside the helmet which, connected with the air vents, generate the optimum aerodynamic flow for top-quality performances and comfort.

The Golden Helmet 360 Experience

Briko have released a 360 video web series with Redbull and Lindsey Vonn called the Golden Helmet. There are five parts to the series that include: Ski Jumping, Skydiving, Aerobatic Flying, Downhill Skiing and Drone Flying. Each video has a different immersive experience of each sport whilst admiring the beautiful scenery in Austria, Italy and Chile. You can follow the series on the Briko website!


Share and follow the challenge

Go on social media and share #strongsupport to promote the Golden Helmet project.You can also subscribe to the Briko Golden Helmet newsletter by signing up on the official Briko Website.



Wellsnowsports is a proud supplier of Briko products. The Briko FIS 6.8 RB LVF is available from £165 in both Adult and Junior sizes.

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Pete Davies
Pete Davies


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