Ryft Falcon Custom Goggles

The Falcon features a simple, clean and minimalist design. The product is functional, durable but also looks good. Materials are carefully selected for the goggle that’s produced with a painstaking attention to detail and a passion for high quality products.


With the Falcon, you can customise the complete look to suit you!

Collections: Goggles, Ryft

Type: Goggles

Change the way you see the mountain


  • Flexible and durable - made of TPU, a flexible and durable type of plastic.
    Interchangeable lenses - simple system to change your lens.
    Triple Density foam - keeps your face warm and dry all day.
    Helmet and glasses compatible - tested with numerous models, our goggles are helmet and glasses compatible.



  • Fully adjustable – 41mm flexible adjustable strap which fits any head or helmet size.
    Anti sliding band - keeps your goggles perfectly in place while you ride.



  • Dual layer spherical lens - unparalleled field of vision guaranteed.
    100% UV protective - keep your eyes protected on the slopes. Our lenses are also all category 3 certified for VLT (light filtering).
    Anti-fogging technology - coated with an anti-fog layer. The shape of our lens, the dual layering and the strategic vents on it will further reduce the risk of fogging.
    Durable - made of polycarbonate, a plastic known for its shatter resistance. A scratch resistant coating has been added to keep your goggles in top condition.