SVST Final Cut Base Bevel

The SVST Final Cut Base Bevel tool is the best on the market when it comes to precision and quality of your base edge bevels. Machined from aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel this is the most durable and precise instrument available.

Comes in 0.5°, 0.7°, 1.0°, 1.5° or 2.0° configurations


The finest base beveling tool on the market 


    • With the base bevel having such a dramatic effect on how skis and snowboard perform, this precision tool is a must to make sure they are accurate. The tool stops cutting when the edge bevel is achieved, preventing beveling the ski base. Compatible with all files, diamonds and tones 4” or longer.

      This unique tool takes the guesswork out of base edge maintenance.

      Available angles: 0.5°, 1.0° (other angles available on request)

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