SVST Pro Edge Bevel Adaptor Kit

The Sun Valley Ski Tools Pro Edge Bevel guide adaptor kit gives you the same ability as an adjustable edge tuner but with much more accuracy. The precision ground shims allow you to use this bevel guide at 4 different angles.
Angles included  90°- 94°.

Finest quality tuning by Sun Valley Ski Tools 

    • This is an absolute must for your ski-tuning box. The Adaptor kit has unbeatable accuracy and durability thanks to it being CNC machined. The wear plate and machined relief prevents file shavings from being pressed into the ski base.

      The Adaptor kit uses shims, which attach to the edge bevel guide to give you a range of 4 angles. The kit is much more accurate than using an adjustable edge tuner. Compatible with files, stones and diamonds, it works best with the SVST Spring Clamp for file security.

      Angled shims included: 90°- 93° in 1° increments

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